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Tenutec Joins Yuncture Incubation program

Tenutec have been chosen to join the Yuncture incubation program, an innovation hub with the goal to help ambitious people evolve on a professional as well as personal level. Tenutec were selected thanks to the team's extensive knowledge and the great potential the products have in regards to sustainability.

Collaboration with Swedish Institute of Standards

The Swedish Institute of Standards have initiated a collaboration with Tenutec and 11 other Swedish companies and organizations in order to establish new standards for nanotechnology. The standards will help to ensure the quality of graphene, which in the long run will make Swedish graphene production more competitive internationally.

SIO Grafen welcomes Tenutec as new member

SIO Grafen, a Strategic Innovation Program which operates to support the 2D material development in Sweden, welcomes Tenutec as a new member. Tenutec are very excited
about the new partnership and expect to gain a lot of new knowledge from the other members while contributing with knowledge about graphene and electronics.

Elektroniktidningen Writes About Tenutec Graphene

Elektroniktidningen describes Tenutec's energy efficient and sustainable approach to graphene production as well as parts of the company's history. The article highlights Tenutec's two main ongoing projects which are producing thermally conductive glue and prototyping for a graphene film with the ambition to manufacture a graphene roll.

Winners of SIO Grafen Innovation Competition

Around 100 participants gathered in Sundsvall for Sweden's largest graphene conference, where the winners of the SIO Grafen Innovation Competition were announced. Tenutec were awarded first prize thanks to the unique method enabling production of high quality graphene without damage to the environment.

Tenutec Makes IVA Top 100 List 2022

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) have assigned Tenutec a spot at the 2022 Top 100 list. The spot was awarded thanks to Tenutec's idea for highly thermal conductive films produced in eco-friendly ways, which feature high-quality graphene and the possibility for large-scale production.
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